Corona as an impulse – resilience for life

Thanks to Corona, I have…

As varied as the sentence “Thanks to Corona I have …” was ended, as varied is the way the students of year 5-9 deal with the conditions under which we live thanks to Corona. As we already wrote in the invitation to these classes:
Corona demands a lot. From all of us.
For some it is easier, for others it is more difficult.
Some continue to meet friends, others no longer or hardly ever meet them.
Some are good at being alone, learning alone, doing sports alone. Others hardly do anything anymore because they lose interest when they are alone.
And many are right between these some and others. Sometimes this way and sometimes that way.

This is exactly what the workshops that Mrs. Budde and Mrs. Lüthke have been conducting with the students for 3 weeks are all about. We look at:
What does that do to us?
How do we deal with it?
How can we learn from and support each other?
How can I take good care of myself.

The kick-off was a workshop of 1.5-hours, which should also ensure that everyone has the opportunity to come to school in community before Christmas.
Next year, we will meet every 2 weeks for 45 minutes to address the issues that come up.
Our goal is to strengthen the resilience of each individual. In other words, the ability to cope well with crisis situations in life. Corona is only the impulse to focus on this ability, which is important for the whole life.

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