“Corpus Delicti” – A grade 12 video project

“Consider it the greatest sacrilege … for the sake of life, to lose the reasons for which it is worth living.” (Juvenal)

We are experiencing many restrictions because of the corona pandemic. Are the reasons worth living for currently being adequately considered? Or is survival more important? In other words, are we “doing wrong” at the moment? Class 12 asked itself these questions and answered them either in the form of an essay or in the form of a video clip. The links to the clips are below, the essays will be published in the next newsletters.
The starting point for this question is the novel “Corpus Delicti” by Juli Zeh. The vision of the future that she creates in her science fiction novel, published in 2010, sounds surprisingly up-to-date: All people wear face masks. Everything is disinfected. Health is a top priority. Moritz Holl, on the other hand, sees freedom as the greatest good and strives for a sensual life. He thus becomes the opponent of the all-dominating “method”. Moritz is imprisoned for an alleged rape and kills himself. His sister Mia wants to solve this case. As the novel progresses, she takes on more and more of Moritz’s views. Of course, the representatives of the “method” cannot put up with that …
The novel raises a number of questions that are worth considering given the current situation. A few copies are still available in the DSN library. Perhaps the following clips will encourage reading:

Laila: https://vimeo.com / 528979226 / c2be17fb9a
Claudia: https://vimeo.com / 528954194 / 9a750d8da6
Gero: https://vimeo.com / 528950238 / d3a9f15d12
Krystal: https://vimeo.com/529225055/3c11f94112 < / a>
https://vimeo.com / 529229767 / 6dd42cb994
Abby: https://vimeo.com / 529226691 / 5079931a1e
Daniel: https://vimeo.com / 529219907 / 0838e5fa85
Stephanie: https://www.youtube. com / watch? v = zoLCf53vg8s

(The video clips are available for a week, then they are deleted.)

Christian Vorein

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