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On Friday 24 September we had a distinguished visit from the ambassadors of the Swiss, Austrian and German embassies as well as a small delegation from the German School Nairobi. The aim of the visit was to consolidate cooperation and exchange common interests. Our aim was to cater for our guests. Together with our trainees Felix and Francis, who are about to take their final exams, and our new trainees Margaret and Hellen, we developed a fine 5-course menu.

Once again, this shows how important and good the dual vocational training programme of AHK Kenya is. Practical learning coupled with high level work from preparation to table setting to serving the food brought not only fun but also new experiences for our budding chefs.

The theme of the day, from a culinary perspective, was a fusion of local and regional ingredients with international recipes and dishes. Thus, as an “amuse bouche”, there was a little greeting from the kitchen, a poultry liver mousse with jelly from the mulberry. Mulberries grow on our school grounds and a large tree stands right next to the main entrance. This ingredient had a short delivery route. The whole thing was paired with a coffee foam and coffee flakes, because coffee is also typically Kenyan and is grown here, especially for export.

As a starter, we served a ceviché, a Peruvian dish of raw fish marinated with lemon juice. This was accompanied by a cucumber broth, pickled vegetables and a fried shrimp from wild catch.

As an intermediate course, we served a soup of nutmeg pumpkin with a tortellini filled with cashew nuts. Here, pasta master Felix carefully made a pasta dough and expertly prepared the filling from freshly harvested cashew nuts from the German School’s swimming pool.

For the main course, we served a two-egg stew of pasture-raised beef with celery puree and an onion marmalade.

Finally, Cathrine showed once again what she had learnt in the short patisserie course she attended at Boma College. There was 80% chocolate from Uganda with homemade vanilla ice cream and fermented mangoes and a small selection of homemade petit fours.

Bon appetit

With culinary regards,
Florian Kliem & The Kitchen Team

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