DSN and FEDA Madrid

Thanks to DSN and FEDA Madrid for the beans, rice and other items, say the teachers and students of Star Kid School.
On Monday morning, 22 February, a small truck drove to the Githongoro slum at Star Kid School. The car was fully loaded with sugar and flour bags, oil cans, bean packets, rice and maize sacks.

It was so heavy that it could hardly get up the small hill. So the teachers grabbed it and lugged it all into the school, where they were eagerly awaited.

Everyone was excited and got to look at the delivered stuff in the school yard.
Rosalyn, the headmistress, was happy about the food, because in the last days it was not easy to fill the many hungry stomachs. Therefore, our donation (DSN/FEDA Madrid) was welcome as part of the Candlelight Project.

All the food was safely stored in a lockable store (photo left) and now the small chimney of the kitchen (wooden house right) could smoke again and the bell can ring brightly again when it’s time for “Lunch…”.

Rainer Busch
Chemistry/Biology Teacher

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