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ear Fellow Parents,

The Stufenelternrat (SER) / Parent Subcommittee (PSC) gladly introduces the VIRTUAL DSN MARKETPLACE, a new way for parents to still keep connected while social distancing!

This pandemic period has taught us that, adopting to new situations is the best way to keep moving. The Virtual DSN Marketplace is replacing our physical notice board that parents, teachers and students used to enjoy back then when hanging around the school was normal.

Now you can continue selling kids toys, your vehicles, your household items, promote your business, offer your services and students in upper classes can also offer their tutoring services on this platform. Discussions that are of a non-pedagogical nature can also be held here.

This Platform is reserved ONLY for the members of the German School Community (Parents, Teachers, Students, Staff) and registration will be required before you can access the platform. Please use the email address that is registered with the school.

Register now and keep connected with the rest of our German School Nairobi Community using this link:  www.dsn-marketplace.co.ke

Special thanks go out to our school marketing manager Severin Kiehling for wonderfully assisting us in getting this platform up and running.

Best Regards,

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