Eskrima in Class 7

“Eskrima” means “fencing” in German. Eskrima” is a Filipino martial art that is usually practiced with weapons. Alexandra Cichon and Daniel Gluche gave the class 7 an insight into this sport during their physical education lessons. With short wooden sticks hand movements, attack strokes and defense techniques were practiced. In Eskrima, the weapon should become increasingly seen not as a foreign object, but as an extension of the body. However, the exercises were quite challenging for beginners. Many a student got to know his own body even better when the various hand and arm rotations had to be executed. The joy of stick fighting was evident to all. This was certainly also due to Alexandra and Daniel, who demonstrated at the end how delicate and dynamic Eskrima can look when you are an expert. By the way, in the Philippines Eskrima is still trained with real blades by the masters. We are not yet that far in class 7…

Dr. Christian Vorein

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