Carnival at the German Primary School

Our Primary School pupils also dressed up in colorful costumes again this year and celebrated carnival. In class 1 and 2, for example, masks were made and, despite Corona, interactive games with lots of movement and dance were on the agenda. We would like to share some impressions of this very special carnival party with you.

“We had a vampire, a pilot, a witch and a wizard. We played stop dance, ate candy, pretzels and cupcakes. We had fun.”

Aluel, Class 2

“I like the carnival. It’s very funny because everyone dresses up. I was a cat. There was also a ninja, spiderman, a bee, a princess, a Spanish dancer and some other costumes. Mrs. Czech was a frog and Mrs. Böheim was Cleopatra.”

Salma, Class 2

“Carnival was great. We made a polonaise (Covid conform of course) and on the basketball court a fashion show. At the end we played stop dance again. It was a lot of fun.”

Lana and Steffi, Class 3a

“It was quite good. I had a lot of fun and I liked all the costumes and that they matched the people.”

Chansa, class 3b

“I thought it was nice. We did great things in all the lessons.”

Maua, Class 3b

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