Field report: Jannik Kiehling

To begin with, it is important for me to mention that my three-month stay at the GSN did not take place entirely under normal conditions, because it is not a matter of course to travel to another region of the world during a global pandemic and to experience the culture there. Of course, this did not go without restrictions. I could have done without two quarantines, the alternating classes at the beginning and the closed school and travel restrictions at the end. Nevertheless, it was all worth it for the experiences I was able to gain and for the people I was able to meet. In addition, the school tried to maintain a little normality while adhering to the rules. Be it the enrollment of the new scholarship holders, the annual swimming competition or the fact that I could be on site as an intern.

Thereby I had two given tasks. On the one hand, I was responsible for the daily supervision of the breaks and, on the other hand, for the supervision of the new scholarship holders, i.e. Kenyan children who initially learn a lot of German for one year and who are also already integrated into their future class in the subjects math and sports, which was fascinating insofar as the respective students develop impressively fast socially as well as linguistically at the beginning and one then recognizes their already existing abilities better and better in math as well.

During my internship I lived in the designated intern house, which is located directly on the compound. Starting with one other roommate, our group grew over time to six people, sharing the house. The advantage of this is that you support each other in school and organizational issues and also have a group with which you can do a lot, so in our case, for example, visit the Masai Market, explore the nearby Karura Forest or a weekend trip to Lake Naivasha. I am writing this text just under a month after my return trip and I miss you guys!

Basically, I can only recommend going out on weekends and vacations. Theoretically you have almost everything you need to live on the compound and if something is missing you can usually get it across the street in the Village Market, a shopping center with comparatively high standards. However, there is so much to discover in Nairobi and the surrounding area. You can gain new perspectives culturally and the nature seems not only impressive but also very diverse.

I will definitely come back!

Jannik Kiehling

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