Flashlight for the Board of Directors: Activities in November 2020

Dear parents, dear members of the German School Society,

At the last general meeting, on 12 November 2020, you elected the honorary School Association Board, which represents the School Association. Anna Kröger, Frank Löffler and Ilja Burchard were re-elected. Katharina von Maltzan, Manuela Leimgruber and Jessie Pöltner were confirmed as board members. Suranahi Kabuga was newly elected by the members together with Stefan Hasler. Thus, the board again consists of eight members. At the constituent board meeting on 23.11.2021, the offices were divided as follows: Anna Kröger (Chairperson of the Board), Katharina von Maltzan (Deputy Chairperson and Marketing, Communication & Sport), Manuela Leimgruber (Chief Human Resources Officer), Suranahi Kabuga (Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer), Frank Löffler (Chief Financial Officer), Stefan Hasler (Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Secretary, Buildings & Safety), Ilja Burchard (Secretary, Buildings, Safety) and Jessie Pöltner (Parent Council Liaison). The School Board performs many important functions. These include the legal representation of the school association, the definition of the economic framework of the DSN, the role as employer and especially the formulation of the strategic direction and the definition of the future development of the school in close cooperation with the school and administration management.

We are very pleased that we have been able to fill the position of Head of Administration. Manuela Baumann will start her position on 1 March 2021 at the latest. We have also extended the contracts for various teachers as well as employees and made some hires, including a psychologist (to support our children during this special time).

Basically, all parents whose children attend the German School Nairobi and who feel connected to our school have the opportunity to get involved in the school association. In the working groups and parent representatives as well as during the twice yearly general meetings, you as parents have the opportunity to directly influence the shaping of the DSN and additionally contribute your ideas, experience and skills to continuously improve the German School in Nairobi together.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the parents who attended the general meeting in November 2020, confirmed or elected the board and voted on the other issues.

At the general meeting, the board was discharged and the annual accounts for 2019/2020 were approved. The auditors were confirmed or newly elected and for the coming school year are Duncan Gatoto and James Wainaina. New trustees elected this year were: Daniella Pleitz, Jürgen Prieske and Michael Lattorff. You also resolved that “The ambassadors of the embassies of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and their deputies are ex-officio members of the German School Society Nairobi.” (with corresponding future inclusion in the statutes of the DSN).
We wish you and your children a relaxing holiday season and happy holidays.

With best wishes,
Your Board of the German School Nairobi

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