From the Classic school day to the Jazzy

Wherefore do students* go to the DSN? What knowledge, what values do we want to give them? How can we achieve this? These questions were discussed last Saturday morning by students, parents and teachers together with the school and kindergarten administrators under the motto “From the classic school day to jazzy”. The school development group had invited to Brackenhurst for this purpose. The aim was to work out concrete development projects that would be implemented with the assistance of the Bosch Foundation as part of the German School Prize.

In preparation, all participants were asked to describe their fantastic dream school. It soon became clear that many of these dream schools were similar. As a common result of the first discussion round, all posters showed “flextime”, i.e. that not everyone is doing the same thing at the same time, but can arrive one by one and learn, play, discuss. The desired mornings were also similar: projects, extracurricular learning places, digitalized lessons, more self-determination and responsibility of the students. In a second round of discussions, concrete steps were discussed: What needs to change in order to move from today’s conditions to our desired school? The answers will be discussed together with the process supervisor from the Bosch Foundation. Thanks to the support measures, we will have the opportunity to visit award-winning schools in Germany and continue to train colleagues. In March there will be a round table discussion with the colleagues. And then it’s off – the classic classroom day will be jazzed up!

Christian Vorein
Representative for Pedagogical Quality Management
Member of the school development group

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