Go for Gold! Potsdam Olympic swimmers trained at the DSN

For two weeks, the Potsdam swimming team around coach Joerg Hoffmann (world champion 1991, Olympic bronze medal 1992) trained at our school. Occasionally you could see the six well-trained athletes walking around the school grounds, maybe one or the other could watch them during their training. It is always impressive to see the ease and speed with which the Potsdam swimmers move in the water. To make sure that the German elite swimmers will not only remember the tiles of our pool, the DSN organized a trip to the Nairobi National Park and a mountain bike tour through the tea plantations in Brackenhurst.

On Friday, February 18, swim coaches from other schools and Kenyan swim academies were guests at the DSN to talk with Joerg Hoffmann about training methods and competition preparation. Our school swimming team served as an ” example “. As a thank you, a mixed relay of the Potsdam and DSN swim teams took place afterwards. Parents and school administration cheered on vigorously before everyone gathered for a joint barbecue.

While some were still chatting excitedly enjoying the barbecue, the others were already back in the water – Potsdam and DSN swimmers were chasing each other through the pool until sunset. This will probably remain a good memory for our swimming team for a long time. We are already looking forward to the next visit … and in the meantime we try to establish an “official” school partnership with the Potsdam “Friedrich Ludwig Jahn”-Gesamtschule, an elite school of sports and soccer. We are curious which sportsmen and sportswomen will arrive next year.

Dr. Vorein
Head of Sports

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