Good food, Everything good!

And where there are problems, we will work on them. We promise!

Many thanks to the students, parents and teachers. The participation in our survey about lunch at the DSN was very high. A total of 120 people filled out the survey. Overall, we can say that most are satisfied with the cafeteria’s offer. For example, in response to the question: “How do you like our lunch?” there were 83/120 positive votes and only 6 answered with “I don’t like it at all”. Also 84/120 agreed that there is always a choice of all dishes. When asked about the amount of portions served, a full 91/120 voted for the answer “Just right”. When asked about the temperature, we found that there is still room for improvement. Unfortunately, this is somewhat due to the situation, as we had to set up two additional serving stations. Unfortunately, these cannot be kept as warm as the main serving station in the cafeteria. We are working on a solution. We still see a slight need for improvement in the selection options and the quality of fish and meat. We also found a few points in the comments that we will take a closer look at. After all, 12/120 think that the food tastes better in the cafeteria than at home.

But read for yourself and take a look at the entire survey HERE

With culinary greetings,
The kitchen team

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