Hura Hura our container is here!

And in the container was, among other things, our long-awaited ice cream machine. The first ice cream was probably in ancient China. The Chinese rulers had large ice warehouses built. The ice cream, which resembles sorbet, was also known in European antiquity. The Greek poet Simonides of Keos describes it as glacial snow with ingredients such as fruits, honey, or rose water. Alexander the Great and Hippocrates’ preference for water ice is also documented. The latter even prescribed ice cream of the time to his patients as a painkiller. The Roman emperors had high-speeders bring snow and ice from the Apennines to make ice.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, the knowledge about the preparation of ice-cold food and drinks was lost there. The Crusaders brought the recipe for Scherbet, originally a mixture of fruit syrup and snow, to Europe. The preparation of such chilled beverages is said to have been taken over by China in the Arab world. In the 11th century, the use of ice was widespread in upper-class households there. In summer, ice cream was offered in the shape of a pole or as “snow” by street vendors.

At the end of the 13th century, Marco Polo described the production of a cold mixture of snow or water and saltpeter, which he had become acquainted with in China. Ice cream made from water and fruit juice or puree became an Italian specialty, supposedly brought to Paris by Catherine of Medici in the 16th century. However, there is no written evidence for this theory. A German-language cookbook by Anna Wecker entitled “A delicious cookbook of all kinds of food”, which appeared in 1597, already contained a recipe for ice-cold milk cream, i.e. a precursor of milk ice cream.

And now in 2022, the time has finally come. The German School can produce ice cream. We use only natural and fresh ingredients and work with sugar-reduced recipes.
In good, sunny weather, our ice cream machine runs on 100% solar power, and thanks to our own production, we can finally lower the price and offer the ice cream for 150 Ksh from Monday.

Culinary Greetings,
Cafeteria Team

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