Introduction of newly elected Representatives of the GER and SER

Dear School Community,

As you will most likely know, the General Parent’s Council (GER) serves to listen to parents ideas, concerns and requests as well as functioning as a communication channel to inform parents about progress and challenges within the school. It is made up of two elected parent representatives of each class (Head/ Deputy). The GER meets four times per year, (Sept/ Nov /March /June), with representatives from the board, the school management, the teaching staff and the student body. A first meeting of the GER took place on September 14th, with a substantial number of the new parent class representatives being present.

During the meeting Berit Kadoch-Lattorff was confirmed as the Head of the GER. Milena Weichelt was elected as the new Deputy of the GER for the upcoming schoolyear 2021/2022. During the same meeting the members of the GER elected a Head and a Deputy Representative for each of the four Parent Sub-Committees (SER) for each school section, which are Primary School (classes 1-4), Secondary I (cl. 5 – 9), Secondary II (cl. 10 – 13) and Scholarship pupils. The SER meets monthly with the Chair of the GER and a representative of the Board in order to discuss topics that affect all parents. If deemed necessary, topics will be taken by the GER Chair for further discussion to the school management, teaching body, administration or student body. We are happy to confirm and introduce the following new representatives of the SER: Johanna Braack & Sarah Reusche (Primary); Pamela Ehlers & Linet Muluhya (SEK I); Thomas Braun & Patrick Egloff (SEK II) and Emily Wareku & Rita Karoki (Scholarship Rep) Our mission is to facilitate communication among parents and the school. We believe that our school is a community and that we as parents have a role to play in maximizing the potential of our school and thereby creating a nourishing space for our children to develop to their full potential. Please do not hesitate to seek us out and talk to us in case you have ideas or challenges with the school you would like to discuss. We are there for you!

For any issues that you would like to bring forward via email please feel free to contact Berit Kadoch-Lattorff ( or Milena Weichelt (

Berit Kadoch-Lattorff
Head of the GER

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