KCSE Workshop

It is not only at the DSN that the Abitur will soon be starting, our Kenyan partners are already in the midst of preparing for their exams. In March, they will write their KCSE, the local equivalent of the German Abitur.

For years, we have been helping the Starkids students to prepare for the exams by inviting them to use our laboratory for experiments. On 22nd January, the second workshop of the year took place.

The day started in the Githongoro slum at our partner school, where the future examinees were picked up punctually. At 8:00 a.m., the lessons at the DSN began. Mr. Busch and Mr. Chesebe had already prepared the necessary samples, chemicals and equipment.

Throughout the day, a variety of topics were covered, including anatomy and physiology of the kidneys, the heart, the circulatory system as well as cellular respiration and ion identification.

The group discussions showed the great interest of the visiting students, who actively participated in the discussions and lively debated the topics covered. At the end, the groups presented their results and answered questions from the teachers.

The workshops will continue until the KCSE exams, for which we wish the students every success. Thank you to all involved who have made this wonderful cooperation possible for years.

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