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The pupils of the Starkids School and our 3rd grade entered the chemistry room with excitement, where they carried out experiments on the vitamin content of various fruits and vegetables. But before they could start, the students had to get to know each other, clarify the safety measures in the chemistry room, and put on glasses and an apron. Then we finally started experimenting: Is the fresh juice really richer in vitamins than the packaged one? Does the pepper contain more vitamins than the orange or the ginger? The young researchers were able to answer all these questions after BASF’s KidsLab. Not only did the experiments enrich the students on this day, but the interaction with the StarKids students also gave the DSN students an insight into cultural diversity and promoted their social skills. The responses from the Starkid pupils and from the DSN 3rd-grade students speak for itself:😉 „I enjoyed the visit to the German School. Lemon champions in Vitamin C“ „I loved the experiments on Vitamin C. Asante“ “I loved the welcome from the children. I loved the experiments” Hier ist, was unsere Schüler der Klasse 3 zu sagen hatten: „Das letzte Experiment, wo wir einen Regenbogen machen mussten, war toll.“ Jonas „Wir haben super tolle Experimente mit den StarKids Schülern gemacht. Wir haben 3 verschiedene Experimente gemacht, die hießen Regenbogenexperiment, und Vitamin C Experimente.“ Leni „Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht! Ich liebte den Teil mit den Äpfeln und Bananen.“ Eddi H. „Die Klasse 3 hat Experimente mit den Starkids Schülern gemacht. Die Experimente waren toll. Wir haben uns Partner ausgesucht und zwar war immer ein DSN-Schüler mit einem Schüler der Starkids Schule. Am Ende haben wir noch ein Foto gemacht und Bücher bekommen.“ Joannah „Wir haben coole Experimente gemacht.“ Gabriel Bianca Bashir and Bente Caspersen Teachers
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