KiGa Nature day

Dear School Community,

The Kiga was filled with lots of adventurous and fun activity as all the children went out exploring on nature day. It was a hot, sunny afternoon, perfect for water play. The fun began at the barefoot path where the kids felt the different textures on the ground with their feet. Soon, it was all giggles and laughs as they got sprayed with water and began to play and run on the barefoot path and the trampoline playground screaming their lungs out in excitement.

The playgroup classes headed out to the field where the sprinklers came on and excitedly, they began to play and run in the showers. The teachers could not dare miss the opportunity to relive their childhood days as they also got wet playing with the children in the showers.



Some Kiga classes seemed to have more fun than anyone else as the kids had baths and got all muddy and sandy kneading, splashing and sitting on the wet sand. Indeed, it was a wonderful day.

Idah Wangechi
Fireflies group 

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