Mental Health Theme Weeks

What does the Covid crisis do to children and young people? And what do they need because of it?

Questions that have occupied the social work and us psychologists Kerstin Krohmer and Lisa Lüthke for over a year.

So far, we have worked out methods for crisis management with the individual classes and done a lot of team building. However, there are always individual topics that one does not want to share and discuss with the whole class. Topics that interest individual pupils in each class. And it is probably no coincidence that these topics are congruent with what we now know from survey data on mental health in children and adolescents:

The corona crisis has brought to light many competencies of students and they are coping surprisingly well. At the same time, the case numbers for depression, anxiety disorders and eating disorders among pupils are rising.

In order to be able to address precisely these 3 topics as individually as possible, we have created the Mental Health theme weeks:

This week we stood on the sports field with a large pin board on the topic of depression. From Tuesday to Friday, always during the breakfast break, from break area to break area.

Next week we will do the same on the topic of anxiety and panic, and the following week on the topic of eating disorders.

Anyone who finds the topic interesting is welcome to come and have a look. Some of you may know someone who has one or are worried about someone. Some have heard something about it and would like to know if it is true. Or someone is affected themselves. Everything we hear remains secret, everything we tell may be told to others.

We look forward to interesting conversations and sunny breaks.

Kerstin Krohmer and Lisa Lüthke
Social Work Department

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