Mother’s Day in Kindergarten

Dear School Community,

If you ask the children what their mothers are particularly good at, or what their mothers do for them, it is the little things that are most important to the children.

“Mummy makes me sandwiches for kindergarten!

“Mummy takes me to the Village Market”!

“Mummy paints with me!”

“Mummy takes me for a walk!”

“I like it best when my mummy plays with me!”

“My mummy reads me stories!”

“My mummy makes paper aeroplanes for me!”

“My mummy bakes with me!”

Dear Mamas, it is the little things in everyday life that make children’s eyes light up, it is the little things that are so important to children and will forever have a place in their hearts.

Today, after lunch, we were able to welcome and celebrate our dear mothers in the kindergarten. The children practised a song and also made a little gift to say thank you to their mothers. A huge thank you – for all the little things that the mums do for us every day.

That they are there for us, hold our hand, take time for us, listen to us and accompany us on our way. We truly appreciate!

Mia Tumay
Head of Kindergarten

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