News Flash: Outcomes of the 685th board meeting, June 21st 2021

  • New recruitments of kindergarten teachers approved
  • Recruitment of special education teacher approved
  • Recruitment of Mrs. Behlert as Daf-teacher in elementary school decided
  • (change from kindergarten to elementary school)
  • Renovation of the athletics facility approved
  • New constitution of the board decided:
  • Katharina von Maltzan Chair + Marketing, Communications & Sports
    Michael Lattorff Deputy Chair + Building
    Frank Loeffler Chair Finance Committee
    Manuela Leimgruber Chair HR Committee
    Ilja Marcus Burchard Secretary, Buildings, Safety
    Stefan Hasler Deputy Finance Committee + Deputy Secretary, Buildings & Safety
    Suranahi.Kabuga Deputy HR Committee
    Anna Kröger (until the End of the school year 2020/2021)  SER



















If you are interested in joining the board, please send your application to the board representative:  

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