Our 3-year-Stipanniversary

Exactly 3 years ago, on 10 January 2019, we came to the German School. On our first day at school, we were all very excited to meet class 4 students. Our classmates had prepared a wonderful welcoming ceremony for us and have helped us a lot with German since then.

Mrs. Bashir and Mrs. Hönig were great teachers and supported us during our time here. Our first few months at the German School were very interesting and we were allowed to play many games which helped with our German learning. We also learned many new things and made many new friends. After six months of learning German in our small group, we joined our classmates in the big class.

It was very scary at the beginning because subjects like biology and history were very difficult in the foreign language, but with the help of the nice teachers and our classmates we got better and school became more fun. Now we are in grade 7 and we are learning some new subjects like chemistry and physics.

We also get to go to the Village Market now because we are a bit older and we really enjoy having lunch there with our classmates. We can’t wait to learn lots of new things and see what comes next!

Alexis, Ruby, Tendai, Jessica & Lexi
Scholarship Students

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