Pandemic Poetry

Dear students, parents, teachers and employees of the German School,
We, class 7, have been working on poems in German class over the past few weeks. At the end we wanted to try it ourselves and let Corona inspire us. Here are our results

The pandemic
Because of the coronavirus
Companies went into the red.
Except for the company Zoom,
then the profits made ´boom´!

The COVID cases went up
And everyone thought everything was stupid.
Teams and Zoom and much more,
made it difficult for the student.

The school opened again
And everything took its course again.
We could finally go to school
And see our friends again!

To greet each other, shaking hands,
we will pay bitterly for that later.
Washing hands, keeping your distance, wearing a mask and more
But of course it annoys everyone very much.

But now comes the big syringe
And everyone thinks everything is great.
This pandemic
we never forget!

by Luzie, Lisa, Michel and Ferdinand

Corona poetry
The numbers are increasing
Now it’s really your turn!
Wear a mask and wash your hands
Otherwise the virus will surprise us.

No more shaking hands and hugging
It’s only fair that way!
Hand on heart is now the new greeting
Otherwise we will atone for Corona.

“1.5 meters distance please!”
Says our teacher Brigitte.
“We are in the middle of the 3rd wave,
There’s a dent in our lives. ”

“Well, that’s how we live today”,
All the people say.
We pray and raise our hands
When will it finally end!

by Leonie Windten and Marlene Burchard

Corona and the DSN
In 2020 Covid came to Kenya
we weren’t as lively as before,
because schools closed and everyone stayed at home
with little company in-house.

We spent the whole year in front of the computer
with e-learning, as what has preoccupied us.
In January of the following year the government said
there is hope – for a school opening.

Back to school applies to every man
Wear a mask otherwise there is a ban!
Keep your distance, disinfect and wash your hands
are rules that we never neglect.

The third wave is now striking
we have to be careful, otherwise we’ll go back to zoom.
The hospitals are already full
if we get Covid, that wouldn’t be great!

by Luka Weichelt and Mwalimu Mwenda

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