Hello, I’m Finki and I’m accompanying the preschoolers on their exciting way to school again this year. At the beginning of the year, we dealt extensively with the topic of “hearing”. We talked about the function of our ears, the importance of hearing and listening, which stands for a good cooperation. Before each group lesson we massage our ears to activate the sensory organ and to make the children listen consciously and in a playful way. The greatest joy for the preschoolers was the game that has been played for generations all over the world: Silent Post. More than once the children chose the whisper word “Coco Banana” which is known by our kindergarten teacher Lilli in the whole kindergarten. We, Finki, Cordula, Ineke, Yannik, Valentin, Sabine and Stephie are convinced to offer you an interesting and educational kindergarten year full of new experiences and happy moments.

Cordula Milej

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