Project Day – Class 5

Today, class 5 dedicated themselves to 2 tasks.

On the one hand, we took another look at the garden furniture that was built by the class before the last school closure.
The Covid development had also affected the furniture, as termites and other vermin already sensed their chance due to the quick closure.
Everything was thoroughly sanded down once more, given a protective treatment and now shines with almost new shine.
The class showed stamina and team spirit. Not everyone felt like touching the ant-infested furniture or crawling around in the plant bed at the beginning.
By the way, the raspberry and Physalis bushes are thriving and the first strawberries can already be seen in the strawberry patch.

As a second task, class 5 dedicated themselves to the topic of social media.
After we found out that the pupils know more about the online world than teachers and parents in many areas, Ms. Budde and Ms. Lüthke first had the class inform themselves about what is available and how the class uses the apps, games and communication channels for themselves.
At this point, the first critical voices were raised with regard to privacy and data protection.
After that, things got intense.

To raise awareness of cyberbullying, the class collected all the negative online comments they knew.
It was clearly felt what cyberbullying can mean when an empty chair got to hear these comments.
It was clear to all that no one should have to experience something like this.
Everyone shook themselves thoroughly to shake off this experience. Because now it was important to prevent something like that from ever happening here. Everyone was now looking for ways to prevent it from happening in the first place.
We almost realized: It’s not that easy and Friday lunchtime is not that easy either.

Especially for such an important topic, we want to dedicate ourselves to the prevention of online violence in the near future and continue to work with the class to ensure that it never gets that far.

Iris Budde and Lisa Lüthke
Social Work Department



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