Radiant Lanterns – Radiant Faces

For the last two weeks, our kindergarten children made lanterns, practised songs, listened to various St. Martin’s stories, talked about and practised sharing, and now the time had finally come: The St. Martin’s procession finally took place. This time it was quite different, without parents, without sausages and drinks, everything corona-conformed, but enabling the present of all the children.

Some preschoolers performed the St. Martin story for us, in front of a beautiful backstage, with special costumes and self-made horses. They were quite excited, but everything went well.


Afterwards, it was getting dark, the whole procession with beautiful lanterns walked across our grounds. Young and old sang all the well-known St. Martin’s songs with fervour in all registers.

We met at the fire to end the festival, still singing. A big praise to our children, who all kept their distance from the fire. Some observed the crescent moon and the stars in the sky with shining eyes.

At the end, each child was given a typical German “Weckman” to take with them on their way.
What a successful celebration!

Cordula Milej
DaF coordinator – Kiga

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