Recycling Art Exhibition in the Kindergarten

Recycle is such an authenticity creator without strain – just a little bit of color, some care and creativity and we are good to go.

Last week, a quick tip from Bill Nye was given that – If you want grown ups to recycle, tell their children about it and they will be all over it. Today, the Kindergarten parents came to see a recycling art exhibition that was done by all the different kindergarten children groups.

An artistic yet outstanding display was presented near the Kindergarten kitchen with a variety of pieces. From decorative thread and painted bottles, artistic booklets. picture frames, piglets made from plastic bottles, stitched bags, necklaces, tins, mini robots and bird feeders. Each piece with its own individuality and beautiful colors. Oh! They additionally cleaned the school compound and made a recycling game.

Evidently a lot of time and attention to detail was put into this project. A special round of applause to all the children for their creative work done as well as their motivation while doing it. Hats off to all their teachers for organizing and coordinating ths program.

Indeed, in the words of Pablo Picasso – Every child is born an artist…
(Here is a sneak peek into the artistic beauty that was done by the children)

Lisa Kigenda
Marketing Department.

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