Recycling Theme in the Kindergarten

Dear School Community,

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Countlessly we are taught and reminded to care for our environment and think outside the trash.Quick tip on it!
If you want grown ups to recycle, tell their children about it and they will be all over it – Bill Nye.

Evidently, this was a practice done by the Kindergarten during this past week. To begin with is the environmental protection of plants and trees – watering and caring for them altogether. Followed by collecting rubbish in the school yard and then, waste separation. Food waste, plastic and paper all go to different bins to make it easier to recycle each accordingly.


With Recycling, the children made some papier-mâché as one of the items. Additionally, beautiful artwork from recycling material was made, more of turning waste into magic. A perfect arts and crafts utility with painting and colors plus a lot of creativity included.


Good job done, children. A big thank you to the Kindergarten teachers for facilitating this practice.

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