Saint Martin Fest!

Here are some nice reviews in retrospect of the St. Martin’s fest done by Class 4a

The Laternenfest by Lana Sikaonga

The whole primary school went to the sports field on 11 November at 6 pm. We – classes 4a and 4b – performed a play about St. Martin. After the performance, everyone walked around the sports field with their beautiful lanterns and sang. Afterwards, we all went around the fire and got some bread rolls. But unfortunately we were not allowed to eat them until we got home. Mrs von Rensburg made a beautiful scenery. In the end, everyone went home at 7 pm.
Saint Martin by Maya Wairimu Graser

Class 4 rehearsed for a long time. We acted out Saint Martin.

Before that, Mrs Seite took a few photos. Merten and Mattis were the presenters. Maya, Roxanna and Magdalena were the narrators. I – Maya – was quite nervous, but it worked out quite well. There were bread rolls for each class from 1-4, which was good. Thanks to all who helped!

Saint Martin by Roxanna Brockerhoff

Classes 4a and 4b have been rehearsing and practising a lot to perform a beautiful play for classes 1-3 about Saint Martin. To teach the others what helping, sharing and being peaceful means. It was a very special evening, it started at 18:00 and ended at 19:00hrs. Classes 4a and 4b performed both the old Saint Martin story and 4 pieces from the modern world. At the end, everyone went around with their lanterns and sang songs. There was also a huge bonfire. Afterwards, we gave out bread rolls in the classrooms and the great day was over. I would like to thank Patrick, William, Adrian, Mrs Seite, the teachers and the primary school for everything.
Saint Martin by Sabina Manji  

The whole primary school came to the sports field with their lanterns on 11 November. A play was performed. Classes 4a and 4b prepared it. We sang lantern songs and Mrs von Rensburg painted three pictures on a backdrop:

· Coat
· A town 🌇
· And another thing that is a heart, to help, to share and to be peaceful.💖🤛

The classes walked with their lanterns but before that, classes 4a and 4b played four little pieces. Then there was a big fire. They gave us some bread rolls. We went home at 7 o’clock

THANK YOU William, Frau von Rensburg and Frau Seite.
Saint-Martin-Fest by Anita Sambu

Class 4a and 4b have been practising for a long time for the Saint Martin play. We hope that you all enjoyed it.

We want to thank you for the fire, the music and the great pupils and teachers. I am so happy that everything worked out. The singing, the music, was all amazingly great. The buns were also very tasty. But unfortunately, because of Corona, we were not allowed to eat them until we got home.

I want to thank these people: William, Adrian, Mrs. Seite, Patrick, Frau von Rensburg and the audience.

Frau van Rensburg painted a beautiful set. At the end we went home between 19:00 – 19:15 hrs. Thanks for everything.

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