Schulgarten Upgrade Update – Organic Pest Control

Dear school community,

The current situation still hardly allows us to live as we knew and appreciated it. We, the cafeteria team, also face new challenges every day. We are all the more proud to have created a place of retreat and cordially invite everyone to visit our school garden (COVID rules permitting).

After we restructured our school garden last year after the summer holidays and got fresh seeds from Germany, we had several field trials with different crops. For example, we planted 15 different varieties of squash, melons and courgettes in our district garden. After initial good growth of the plants, we found out after a short time that we had to struggle with powdery mildew. After extensive research on how to treat this disease biologically, we gave the circle garden an ash treatment and actively built up the soil. This was done by mixing organic ash with a mulch mix consisting of grass clippings and leaves. Through these measures, the soil has now recovered and is ready for the next sowing.

Another means of naturally controlling insects and pests on plants is our homemade chilli spray. For this reason we planted a whole field with chilli a few months ago. The fruits are now ripening well and will soon be ready for harvest. Chilli also serves as a mixed crop. We have therefore planted some plants right next to the affected crops. This creates a natural protection that keeps the pests away.

If you think we are just telling wild stories here, too, then follow our invitation and take a look for yourself. The focus here is exclusively on “looking”. Please be careful, stay on the path and let the plants grow.

Greetings to you
the Kitchen-Cafateria-Garden Team

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