St. Nicholas party in the KIindergarten

The St Nicholas celebration this year was a bit different as we celebrated with our children on Zoom. The Corona situation is a challenge, but we remain hopeful. However, there was a lovely surprise when dear old Father Christmas sent his younger sister Nicoletta in his place to deliver wonderful wishes and special gifts to all the Kiga children.

The children sat eagerly awaiting St Nicholas, most of them dressed in red, wearing Christmas hats or reindeer horns, radiating the merry Christmas spirit. Cissa, our kindergarten director, enlivened the children with wonderful Christmas music, to which the children danced and sang along. Soon Nicoletta was in sight! Vibrating and carrying her tree, she gracefully said “Hello” to the very excited children and then read out the golden, heart-warming wishes to all the children.

In their excitement, the children then began to ask for any special gifts they wished for. Funny as it was, Nicoletta, in her bright smile and cheerful attitude, assured all the children that even if they did not get what they wished for, they would surely be happy with what Nicholas would fill their boots with as he had carefully chosen each gift.

Idah Wangechi
Teacher in the Elephant Group

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