Starkids Swimming Lessons!

There was great excitement among the fourth grade of Starkid School when the German School bus picked them up on Wednesday for the first of a total of twelve swimming lessons at the DSN.

But there was also great excitement among our fourth grade committee, who were already waiting at the entrance of the DSN to greet the swimming group with letters and then showed them around the cafeteria and pool before the swimming lessons started.

Thanks to the generous donations in kind and money from students and parents, everyone was equipped with the necessary swimming equipment.

Three of the ten students from Starkid School had never before come into contact with water as an element for swimming, but there was no question of fear of plunging into the fortunately heated water – quite the opposite.

After a short briefing by the three swimming instructors, all students spent most of their time in the water practicing the first important swimming movements. And as we all know: swimming makes you hungry – the first swimming lesson ended with lunch in the cafeteria before the students happily started their journey home.

We would like to thank Dr. Christian Vorein for the idea of offering this swimming course, Francis for his help in organizing it, the swimming instructors Dennis, Francis, and Vincent for guiding the children with so much enthusiasm, and the kitchen for preparing more than just swimming pool fries and all those who donated so energetically.

Mrs. Casperseren and Mrs. Edler
Heads of Starkids School Partnership

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