Swimming Festival 2022!

Last week we held this year’s swimming festival in beautiful weather. Even better than the weather was only the mood of the students, because finally everyone could participate together again. What is a competition without a supportive audience?

As every year, the audience was especially loud during the traditional relay between students, teachers, parents and staff.

Who won the relay and all other results can be found below. We have also put together a short video for all those who could not be there.

Have fun watching, we are looking forward to next year!

Class Relay
Cl. 3 vs. Cl. 4a and 4b : Cl. 4a
Cl. 5 vs. Cl. 6 : Cl. 6
Cl. 7 vs. Cl. 8 vs. Cl. 9 : Cl. 8
Board fishing
Cl. 3 vs. Cl. 4a and b : Cl. 4a and b
Clothing relay
Cl. 5 vs. Cl. 6 : Cl. 6
Cl. 7 vs. Cl. 8 vs. Cl. 9 : Cl.8
Best in school (Boys)
Cl. 3/4 : Christopher Sinclair
Cl. 5/6 : Noah Ah Poe
Cl. 7/8/9 : Luca Allnoch
Best in school (Girls)
Cl. 3/4 : Lana Sikaonga
Cl. 5/6 : Naledi Omondi
Cl. 7/8/9 : Lara Van Casteren
1st place : Students
2nd place : Parents
3rd place : Teachers
4th place : Staff

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