Team Building Cooking Course

For the first time ever, GSN teachers and staff experienced the first ever Team Building Cooking course. A culinary journey between Kenya and Germany.

The cuisine included – chapatis, mandazis & Apfelstrudel are also on the list, as well as German-Goulash with Semmelknödel, braised & grilled goat, coconut fish and red beans – an irresistible offer. Chef’s kiss! With all these on the menu, it is blindly easy to make time to cook, imagining of the eating after.

On the cooking day however, 3 hours in and all the hobby chefs were tired of standing dressed in their white t-shirts and aprons. Everyone was hungry and wanted to at least taste something to pass time and break the monotony of meal prepping and cooking. However, that was only but the beginning as the course started from 10:00am – 4:00pm – a whole day of cooking and eating.

A big thank you to Florian and the Kitchen Team for such a phenomenal day and a beautiful kitchen experience. At least, now we know a bit of how long they stand to cook for all of us on a daily basis.

Culinary Greetings,
Lisa Kigenda.

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