Teambuilding at the German School

Dear School Community,

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we, like many teams, have been forced to spend time apart in distance learning. Now it is time to deal with the consequences: What has changed in our classes? How can we come together again as a team after the crisis?

Groups are constantly changing entities, which are neatly shaken up by such a drastic event as a pandemic. It is therefore necessary to listen to the concerns and fears of each individual to ensure that everyone feels comfortable in their class.

Since the school opened in January, our social workers Iris Budde and Lisa Lüthke have been accompanying this process of “getting back together”. They meet every fortnight with the individual classes 5-9 to give space to the important issues after the long period of physical separation and to strengthen the feeling of togetherness through discussions and playful team exercises.

Our school social workers paid special attention to class 5, which had to make the transition from primary to secondary school exclusively digitally. This week they tackled a very special project together: Together they transformed the lawn behind the hall of mirrors into a super cosy hang-out area. Furniture was built from pallets, flower beds were created and even the resident bees were taken into account and got their own bee fence. The focus of the project was on team building, cooperation and interaction with each other. And, best of all, it should also be fun.

Today we celebrated the great cooperation of class 5 with a small final event and marvelled at what we can achieve when we pursue a common goal.

Class 5: Good Job!!

Severin Kiehling
Marketing Manager

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