The 1st Primary School Assembly

Last Wednesday, the first primary school assembly of this school year took place for us primary school children. All classes met with their teachers during the 5th lesson in the schoolyard. This time Mrs. John and Mrs. Czech led through the program. Our topic was the language immersion session, which we will start with on Monday in the first lesson. We want to speak and listen to as much German as possible in a fun and motivating environment. As an example of this, we sang the song “Kopf und Schulter” (head and shoulders) together, moving while singing the song in German. In addition, Sammy and Jule reminded us once again of the most important rules at our primary school so that no one gets hurt and we can all learn and play well together. We are happy that these primary school assemblies will now take place regularly during the school year. All further meetings will then be planned and led by the different classes.

Carolina John & Heike Czech
Heads of Primary School

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