The Art Exhibition – 2021!

Works of art often last forever or nearly so. Gallery exhibitions, appear much like blooming and beautiful flowers – a great piece of art.

Last weekend, the long awaited Art exhibition finally came to pass. What will be in store? What is the theme this year? What have the children made? Will my child’s piece be there? Just a number of questions asked but hundreds of the attendees for the event.

Everything was over and above expectation and outstandingly beautiful. It would be hard to imagine the work that was put in by each of the students in all classes as well as their art teachers – Mrs. Mossmann, Mrs. van Rensburg and Mrs. Eggers. Everything was planned to the last detail and ran smoothly for both events.

Indeed high standards have been set and displayed for the first ever Corona Art Exhibition. Hats off to the students for their phenomenal and mind-blowing artwork. A big thank you to all the families for coming who stayed for a long time and gave such amazing reviews of the exhibition. Good job to the art teachers who organized the event tirelessly and waited to witness its success on both days.

Here is a colorful retrospect of the event.

On the link: you can watch the video of the class 9 fashion show.

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