The Award for best Podcast goes to….

Dear school community,

Congratulations to Ben, Ferdinand, Livio, Nicole and Talasio from the 8th grade, who won the school competition “ALL FOR ONE WORLD FOR ALL” (Link: ) with their podcast on climate change! This is the first time ever that a team from a school abroad won this award, which we are of course very proud of.

(If you haven’t listened to it yet, you have to do so now at the latest! Here is the link:

The fact that they have achieved something very special became clear to the students at the latest this Wednesday, when the ARD suddenly stood in the classroom. We are already looking forward to the resulting film footage, which will be used in an image film about the presiding schools.

But the adventure continues: The winning group was invited to Berlin for the award ceremony by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Have fun on this exciting journey, you deserve it!

Severin Kiehling
Marketing Department

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