The Bee-keeping Workshop

On the 4th of May, the Class 6 and Class 4 Scholarship students had a Bee Keeping Workshop, by Mr. Allan Githuki of Kayllan’s Honey, and were able to learn a variety of facts about bees: their bodies, what they do in their hives, which group is in charge of what etc.

Quick example: Did you know that when the queen bee’s lifespan is almost over, the worker bees starve her to fasten the process as they feed the new queen bee?…Also, the worker bee is the only bee with a sting, so anytime you get a sting, that must be a worker!…Oh how interesting.

The best part was trying the different flavors of honey and the honey comb. There was chili honey, lemon honey, ginger honey, cinnamon honey and propolis. This was definitely an interesting lesson.

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