The Blue Pond!

And our golden medals of thanksgiving for this week go to…drumrolls…

Well, this year is all about intentionally finding moments and aspects to make you smile. Finding beauty in what is around you. Coming together even with the new norm.

On our end, Class 10 decided to practically take this a notch higher and paint the pond blue. Felling bluey? Get it? For a long time, the pond area has been plain and grey – nothing too fancy while it is one of our signature beauty points in the school. It is finally painted blue. A bit more color never hurt anyone, right?

We will not reveal the reason for the renovation work today. Just this much is said: The initiators of the action come from the cafeteria. Next year in addition more.

Hats off to Tony, from the Cafeteria, as well as for the Class 10 Students for a job well done! Our golden medals of thanksgiving are yours for hacking this.

Written by Lisa Kigenda
Marketing Department


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