The chaos…and how it could be avoided!

On Monday, we, class 6, left a real mess in the classroom! The chairs were not put up after the end of the lesson, our shoes had left traces and paper was also sailing lonely through the room…Due to a room change we did not fulfill our obligations in the classroom.

We noticed the next day how rude our behavior was and together we discussed it in class and worked out solutions. Then Mrs. Orao invited the cleaner of our room and that’s how we met Faith.

We apologized to her and let her know that her work is seen, appreciated, and respected by us.

At the end of the day we cleaned our classroom with a thank you note on the board.
Faith probably had to work overtime the day before and we wouldn’t have noticed because we would have come into a clean classroom the next morning anyway.

However, we weren’t the only ones who left our class messy, other classes also leave a mess. After school, all chairs should be up and there should only be tables on the floor, no paper or plastic waste.

We should make sure that our rooms are clean. Do not look the other way!
Everyone can do their part and clean up their space

Maja Wimmer
Class 6

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