The First day of School Celebration for the 1st Graders!

The first day of school celebration was once again a wonderful event! It was wonderful to see all the excited pretty young faces carrying their heavy and beautifully made school bags.

The event started in the sports hall. Although the ceremony was smaller than we are used to, the theatrical skills of our Primary Head and Class 3 pupils students it a memorable day.


The third graders performed a beautiful play based on the story of the lion who could not read, while Mrs Czech and Mrs John, accompanied by Jule and Sammy, welcomed the new school children and their teachers to the school.

After the ceremony, our first graders were taken by their respective class teachers to their new classrooms where they had their very first lesson as a group at our school. Parents had the opportunity to write down their heartfelt wishes for their children. These lovely “welcome to school” wishes are still hanging on our wish tree outside the class 1 classrooms.

The start of a new chapter in life is both exciting and scary for our little ones. We want them to know that we are very happy to have them all at our school. We hope they all have fun and enjoy learning with their new teachers and friends.

Susie von Gawinski
Classteacher – Class 1A

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