The Student Council Candidates

Dear School Community,

On Monday 6 September, the candidates for the position of the Representative Teachers were announced and the candidates for the Student’s Council presented themselves and their program. The SV has the task of representing the students interests in the students parliament. They play an important role in the school community, organizing and moderating events and other activities.

This year, we again have great candidates who have already shone through with very convincing and sometimes really original speeches.

The Representative Teachers support the SV in carrying out their tasks and represent the interests of the pupils at conferences to which pupils are not invited. The liaison teachers are also suitable contact persons for suggestions concerning school life as well as for conflicts between students and the school management or teachers. They seek dialogue with those concerned and act as mediators.

On Monday, 13 September, the elected SVs and Representative Teachers will be announced during the first big break.

I would like to thank last year’s SVs for their exemplary efforts in organizing and carrying out the election process and their responsibility to present themselves, as well as the highly motivated students who have made themselves available as candidates.

Kind regards,

Christoph Mörz
Representative Teacher

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