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Hammering, screwing, sawing, welding…
Wood, metal, and bare iron

We build a composting toilet – University of Nature

As part of the studio lessons, we founded the University of Nature. We aim to put parts of the subject lessons into practice to teach the students so-called “life skills” in addition to classical subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology.

Our first project is the construction of a composting toilet. We have been working diligently on it with students from grades 7 to 9 over the past few weeks. As with any project, the first thing to do was the plan. First, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a composting toilet and learned more about its construction. After that, we made a drawing which prepared us for the practical part.

Emerging questions regarding the material, shape, location, and design of the composting toilet we were able to overcome together.

Subsequently, the material was procured. We decided on a steel frame with a wooden structure.

Then we could start with the practical work.

We brought the steel frame into the right shape, painted it with rust protection paint, made the floor of the composting toilet out of wood, and carved a hole.

Through this project, students were able to learn how to use flex, saws, and a craft circle, among other things. They also learned about welding, sanding, hammering, and painting.

Shortly, we will finish the project by installing the composting toilet and making it as inviting as possible. So the composting toilet can be used soon.

Florian Kliem
Head of Kitchen

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