Trip to a Power Plant in Olkaria

On September 20, Class 7 went to a newly built geothermal power plant in Olkaria/Naivasha because we are currently working on texts about renewable energy in German class.

The power plant was built under the management of the German company “Fichtner”. The construction manager and two engineers explained to us how it works and informed us about the power plant’s performance. Just the power plant that was built by them produces so much energy that it can supply half of Nairobi with enough electricity. To do this, 200-degree hot steam is used, which comes shooting out of 3,000m deep boreholes at over 100km/h. This steam drives a generator and the generator produces electricity. The great thing about it is that no emissions are produced and this energy is always available.

Kenya already generates more than 75 percent of its energy from renewable sources. Several geothermal plants are already available for this purpose in Olkaria. But many more power plants could be built, as there are many areas up to Lake Turkana that can be used for this purpose.

We would like to thank the company “Fichtner”. Now we know that always a part of the electricity we use at school or at home is produced with geothermal energy from Olkaria.

Sampa Bredt
Class 7

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