Tschuss, Goodbye, Kwaheri!

Dear School Community,

It is yet another time in the year for so many goodbyes and see you later, perhaps in the future. So many students, teachers, families, friends and colleagues  will be leaving to different parts of the world. Each one representing the onset of a new journey. Most times, these moments are hard especially when saying goodbye to a long time friend whose daily impact and presence in our lives will be missed.

However, in life, if we are all brave enough to say goodbye, life rewards us with a new hello. Hopefully, opening paths of happiness and deeper connection with each other.

To everyone leaving the German School Community, we wish you well. All the best in each of your future endeavours. The German School Community was privileged to have you and each one of you will be greatly missed.

For us, we choose not to say goodbye, but see you soon – in the near future.

Light, joy and happiness to you as we go into the holidays.

Lisa Kigenda
Marketing Department.

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