UN Youth Delegates at the German School Nairobi

On Wednesday, Class 8 received a very special visit in Mrs. Burmeister’ Geography class! Four UN youth delegates from Germany and Hungary, who are currently attending the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), offered a 60-minute workshop on waste prevention, waste separation and recycling.

During the introduction of the topic “Clean Water”, the class was able to demonstrate their knowledge of Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is not only the basis of Model United Nations, but has also been a project-oriented topic in Mr. Vorein’s and Mrs. Schulz’s lessons.

The goal of the workshop was the design of trash cans, which should contribute to more awareness for individual purchasing decisions. We would like to thank Franka, Larisa, Fabian and Domokos for this creative workshop and the insight into the work of the UN youth delegates!

Alena Burmeister

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