Visit of the “Peers” from Rostock

Every six years, a German school abroad receives a so-called “Bund-Länder-Inspektion”. This is – simply explained – the regular official quality check from Germany. In order to be well prepared for this quality check, the schools conduct a so-called “peer review” before the federal-state inspection, i.e. they have partner schools visit them and ask them to give them feedback on some of the questions that the federal-state inspection will also focus on later. We also call these “peers” our “critical friends”, because they give us critical feedback at eye level so that we can constantly develop and improve.

So in the week of 24-27 October, we were visited by two teachers from Rostock. They spent two days observing our classes from grades 2 to 12 and conducted various interviews with students and teachers. The focus of their evaluation was on digitalization and cooperative learning at our school.

Not only was the visit of the two friendly gentlemen a nice enrichment and change, but we are also pleased to hear that we have achieved good results with regard to both evaluation questions. On the one hand, the two peers have noticed regular and well-successful cooperative work in all grades, which is also supported by the flexible furniture in most rooms. On the other hand, they noticed a competent use of digital media in class, which supports the learning processes of the pupils. We could still improve with regard to our variety of methods, both digital and cooperative learning methods – a great development task that we want to tackle with the help of internal further training offers.

We would like to thank the two from Rostock for their efforts! Mrs. Orao and Mrs. Czech, who were at a school in Gescher (Germany) a few weeks ago and conducted a peer review there, know very well how much work is involved in such a visit.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Seite and Mrs. Kröger are looking forward to the coming week, when they will again conduct a peer review at the Schmidt School in Jerusalem.

Maria Kroeger
School Development Coordinator

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