Welcome – Willkommen – Karibuni

Dear School Community,

Finally the long and arduous application process is over and the first day of school has arrived! Excited and eager, 7 new students came to school on Thursday to join their parents in their own school enrolment ceremony!

Class 4a welcomed Janan, Gisell, Pascal, Jayden, Lara, Natalie and Njeri with motivational wishes, sunflowers and a dance. The good wishes will hopefully become reality in the coming days, weeks or months.

The 7 pupils are already looking forward to meeting their new classmates and learning German.

Some scholarship holders from class 7 also gave the new pupils many helpful tips on the long road to the Abitur and offered their support.

School cones filled with sweets and a T-shirt were also part of every school enrolment celebration and were presented to the new pupils. What a great surprise!

And after the subsequent photo session, they immediately started learning German: Guten Tag…, My name is …., I am ….. years old. the school bag and, and and….

We wish the new students a great start at the German School here in Nairobi and hope that they will quickly make new friends, feel comfortable at the school and have fun learning German.

Bianca Bashir and Friederike Hönig
Scholarship Department

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