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How do you imagine God?

Most of us believe in the existence of a higher being or supreme being, but have you ever stopped and wondered what exactly that being is like? Every believer has a personal and different conception of it. This was the question that the fourth grade religion students and pupils in 2022 were confronted with, and …

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Language Immersion – Primary School

Since this school year, a language immersion session is held regularly in all classes of the primary school. The aim is to give the students the opportunity to speak German in a relaxed atmosphere and to practice their speaking skills. To give anyone interested a better impression of what this looks like in practice, the …

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Our Bike Trail

We, class 3, made a bike trail. The trail had a few stations. For example, we were supposed to ride our bikes and then grab a ball and throw it into a basket. We could leave our bikes at school until Friday. Because there are so many kids in the class, we also had to …

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Let’s talk about peace

In the past few weeks, Mr. Carrillo Gafaro, a specialist in peace education, visited classes 1 and 4 for an hour each to talk about peace. In a joint discussion with the children, the first topic was different symbols for peace. Then the students were asked to think about what peace means to them. At …

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We made Pesto! – Gardening AG

In the Gardening AG we made pesto ourselves last week with fresh herbs from our school garden. To the herbs only some grated cheese, garlic, nuts, oil, pepper and salt were added. Finally, all the ingredients had to be pureed. The fresh pesto was ready! Lina Knein Teacher

Kangaroo Maths Competition 2022

This year’s Kangaroo competition took place on 17.3.2022 for grades 3 and 4 and on 21.3.2022 for grades 5 to 9. Mrs Beiene supervised the primary school participants, Mr Mörz the secondary school participants. 22 pupils from the primary school and 17 pupils from the secondary school took part in the competition. For those who …

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