The Cafeteria

The Cafeteria at the German School Nairobi


Good food at school doesn’t just contribute to children being fit enough for the school day, it shapes their food culture, their appreciation of food and their nutritional behaviour. Balanced and healthy meals are of great significance for the development and capabilities of children and young people. For this reason, the German School Nairobi works with a physiological diet concept, which offers not just healthy and freshly prepared meals, but also provides education in the lunch break. Here, the German School draws up a reduced meat menu with lots of vegetables and a balance of carbohydrates and proteins. A large proportion of the raw ingredients used by the German School are from local producers. Fruit and vegetables especially, but also grains, meat and fish, wherever possible, come from sustainable ecological production. The school also farms its own garden, using the harvest in the school kitchen.

Since the kitchen and canteen of the Geman School Nairobi was rebuilt in 2020, the kitchen staff have worked to the modern European standard and with the highest hygienic requirements to guarantee maximum product safety. The supply to the kitchen and canteen has also been more sustainable since the rebuild. We get our power from a photovoltaic system, which covers one hundred percent of the power demand in good weather. The water comes from our own well and is reprocessed after use and used to irrigate the sports facilities.

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October 25, 2021
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October 13, 2021

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October 12, 2021
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October 4, 2021

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The kitchen team


Kliem, Florian

Kitchen manager


Aluoch, Millicent



Imali, Lucy

Kitchen help


Kavoo, Benson



Mbula, Damaris

Kitchen help


Murimi, Felix

Kitchen help


Njuguna, Antony



Owano, Susan



Sungu, Francis

Kitchen help


Wathome, Catherine


AHK Dual vocational Training

AHK Dual vocational Training

Dual education is a programme, which combines theory and practice so that the trainees don’t just acquire theoretical knowledge at the end of their training, but also practical experience in their profession.

The AHK Kenya training programme has been adapted to the German framework teaching plan for chefs and the hotel trade and is thus recognised by the Kenyan government as well as by Germany as a professional diploma.

The programme was started in Kenya by the Delegation of German Economics (AHK) in partnership with the German School Nairobi and some hotels with the goal of offering young adults high quality training. They should be qualified enough to quickly enter the job market because companies are prepared to employ them after receiving their diploma. This should lower the unemployment rate in Kenya.

Since the start of 2019, the German School Nairobi has been part of the training programme. The theoretical lessons take place at Kibondeni College in Westlands, Nairobi, under various tutors, the practical lessons are taught by the kitchen managers at the German School Nairobi.

Although the German school association is not a hotel or a restaurant, we have decided to participate in the programme to extend our educational remit in this way and to offer a vocational education option, especially for young Kenyans in additon to the academic education.

Weekly Menu

Weekly Menus

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Health Centre

The health centre of the GSN

There is a first aid room at the German School Nairobi, where there is always a school nurse during school times, who is there for your children.

During the school day, a child can always suddenly feel ill or injure themselves while playing or running around. In this case, you can rest assured that we will immediately take adequate care of your child.

Healthy children learn better!

Our school is not just a place of learning, but also a place of living, where health prevention begins. How does my diet relate to my wellbeing? Why is it so important to move enough and what does my sleep have to do with my health? We explore all these exciting questions with your children in various projects to keep your child healthy.

A warm welcome and wishing you well,

Elizabeth Gicura and Nancy Windten



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The GSN Pool

Our heated 25-metre swimming pool with 4 lanes gives the students and members of the school association the opportunity to enjoy the water all year round, even in the cold months. From January to April, the students have swimming lessons during their normal PE lessons. Some students take part in the swimming clubs, which are offered all year round in the afternoons, while some students go further than that and join the swim team, which trains even more intensely with the swimming trainers.

The DSN pool is a teaching space, a training location for our students, a meeting point for families and a venue for birthdays, as the swimming pool is also open to members of the school association (parents) on weekends and when it is not being used for PE lessons or clubs. A school highlight is the swimming festival at the end of February/beginning of March.

For several years, the DSN has had the honour of hosting the Potsdam swimming team, who use our pool as an altitude training camp.


Work is still going on here ...

Pool rules

Work is still going on here ...


Play and sports facilities

Sports are a priority at our school. The school campus offers numerous indoor and outdoor sports facilities, which are actively used during sports lessons in the morning and during leisure activities in the afternoon.
Groups of students can always be found on the soccer field, in the 25-meter swimming pool, in the gymnasium (with sprung floor), on the beach volleyball court, and on our tennis courts.
Our sports facilities can be used by both members and non-members of the German School Association, such as guests, friends or those interested in what the German School Nairobi has to offer.

Tennis courtThe German School Nairobi has two sand courts on the school property, which can be used all year round. Both beginners and advanced players can take lessons from our experienced trainers at their own expense. The courts are always kept in good condition by John and Ken. The courts are open to all members of the school and are run according to a membership system. The tennis club is a nice community of families and individual players and welcomes new children and adults. Contact: tennis@germanschool.co.ke
Beach volleyball courtAnyone who wants to play beach volleyball is welcome at the DSN. There is a persistent rumor that we have the only beach volleyball court in Nairobi. This would mean that you can play on the best beach volleyball court in Nairobi. If you would like to join us, please contact Christian Vorein: christian.vorein@germanschool.co.ke
Football pitchThe centerpiece of our athletics field is the soccer field. In 2019, the turf has been extensively renovated and an irrigation system installed. The turf field is not only used for school sports, but also by the German Soccer Football Club and recreational athletes (parents, staff) on a regular basis. christian.vorein@germanschool.co.ke
Basketball courtFramed by the cafeteria and nursery is our basketball court. School lessons, clubs and competitions take place here. Recreational teams can also play here. Even Dirk Nowitzki competed in the shooting contest... and won, of course.
Sports hallOur sports hall was extensively renovated in 2020. Since then, new lighting illuminates the freshly renovated wooden swing floor. In addition to regular physical education classes and school clubs, volleyball players (parents, staff) and badminton players meet in their free time. New players are welcome and please contact Benard Ouma. benard.ouma@germanschool.co.ke

Fees for the use of our sports facilities

Our sports facilities can be used both by members and non-members of the German School association, such as guests, friends, or people interested in the provisions of the German School Nairobi, for example.
For registrations and ticket sales, please contact our secretary’s office.

Range and use by adult clubs: Guidelines on the use of the GSN sports spaces
Cost forPeriodMembers GSN School AssociationNon-membersNote
Participants in clubsAnnually4.700 KSH5.600 KESStandard rate for the use of gym or mirror room plus any course fees to the trainer
Participants in clubsBiannually2.900 KES2.900 KESStandard rate for the use of gym or mirror room plus any course fees to the trainer
Club providerPer course hourFreeCost for 2 course hoursRoom rental for use of the premises
Tennis club

To become a member of the tennis club at the German School, adults and externals must make an application with a passport photo (or several).
After the application has been approved, you will receive your tennis pass at reception in exchange for a fee, which entitles you to use the tennis courts and the swimming pool facilities in accordance with the enclosed rules. Please be aware that the full semester/annual sum is due regardless of the date of entry.
Note: Tennis passes with car symbols only entitle you to enter through the Red Hill Gate.

Fees for the use of the tennis court by members of the German School Association Nairobi. The year-round / annual fee for Independent is to be paid from the start date.
Adults (per person)15.000 KES9.000 KES
Children < 18FREEFREE
Fees for non-members of the GSN
Family fee (parents + 2 children)48.000 KES29.000 KES
Family fee (each additional child)9.000 KES5.000 KES
Adults39.000 KES24.000 KES
Children < 1827.000 KES16.000 KES
Other charges
Vouchers for tennis1.000 KES for one hour tennis
CoachesPaid directly, for fees refer to the info board

German school tennis coaches:
Pius Okwach - Tel. 0721143750
Peter Orwa - Tel. 0721344130
Tony Ochieng - Tel. 0720770629
Katarina Karanja - Tel. 0717782435
Ernest Habiyambere - Tel. 0745961285

Payment details:
Mpesa-Paybill: 545446
Account Number: Tennis

Tennis booking system: nairobi.skedda.com

Access only through the Red Hill Gate with a valid sticker.



At a school, it is not just about learning in the classroom, the children must also be given enough time to move in the fresh air. What could be better for children than a playground with as many different inviting items of play equipment as you could think of?
There are a total of four different play areas on the school grounds for the different age groups.
If you enter the school through the main gate, you will straight away see the large playground for the primary school children to your left. The children enjoy a climbing frame, swings, a sandbox and a net swing in their breaks. The absolute highlight is a carousel, which is rarely left to stand still at playtimes. Many an adult’s heart has skipped a beat when they see how courageously and quickly the students spin around. Some families use the playground even at the weekends or stay longer after school to play there. Benches for sitting on also invite the parents to stay a while.
There are another three playgrounds for the smallest members of our community, the nursery children. In a rotation, the groups alternate around the different play areas. Right next to the main building, there is a play area with a large tree in the middle, which provides shade. Here, children can ride hippos, balance on a tree trunk, play in the sand, spin around on a climbing frame and much more.
Not far from the group rooms is the second playground. A rope tied to a tall tree brings just as much pleasure as the play hut with a slide or the swings. Sometimes the sports sand pit is also used as a sand pit to play in.
Right at the far end of the sports field, you can take a short walk to the last playground in the set. There is a lovely shaded sand pit - the largest of them all - with islands with seesaws, another play hut with a slide, swings and even a trampoline.

Work is still going on here ...


Work is still going on here ...

A Greeting

Karibu at the library!

Are you a bookworm or do you want to become one? Do you like researching all kinds of things? Do you love playing chess and other games?  - Then make your way to our school library. Although it's in a hidden corner of the school building, you can't miss us. 

We offer a pleasant environment for academic research, but also just for reading. We also have a cozy reading corner for younger readers where there are books for all ages to discover.

We also organize reading evenings, where parents or teachers read a book to the students, as well as film evenings, where films are watched together.
The library team is always available to help and advise you and yours. Come and discover our range of books, games, films and audio books ready for all to enjoy.

Alexandra & Joseph
- The library team -

Opening hours

Opening hours

Monday – Friday
8am - 3pm

Even during COVID, we want to facilitate borrowing of books from the Library. We therefore ask you to book a 15-minute time slot to ensure that we can maintain social distancing.
Click here for the booking system.

Rules & forms

Library rules / registration

The students of the DSN are provided with library passes and the library usage regulations to prepare them as best possible to use large city of university libraries later in life.

Registering to use the school library is necessary to participate in obligatory teaching units like reading the class reading list in German and English lessons and researching topics.

We therefore ask you to read the attached rules of use together with your children and to fill out the registration form for students.

We also invite you as a parent to loan books for yourself or your nursery children from our library. To do this, please also fill out the registration form for parents.



  Library Usage Regulations

  Registration for students in grades 1 to 12

  Registration for parents and Kindergarten

  Primary school school books

  Secondary school school books

Make an appointment

Make an appointment

Due to the current COVID situation and the accompanying requirement to keep your distance, please make an appointment before visiting the library.

Click here for the booking system.

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